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Songs About Food

Food is obviously one if not the most important element of human life. As the ages go by, human food has become less of a means to an end and more of an art. Yes, there are those people who now live to eat. This shows how big a role food plays in the human life. This is why it comes of no surprise that there are songs written about them. These are not just folk and children songs either, they are songs used by popular musicians and featured in popular and mainstream media. In fact, many of these songs have been established as pop culture monuments. Here are a few of the most popular songs about food that the people has tracked down and popularized:

  • Eat it by Weird Al  Yankovic- When thinking of songs about food, it really is hard not to remember Weird Al’s parody version of Michael Jackson’s hit song “Beat it”. The song seems to have everything it needs to be a very popular and well-liked song about different kinds of food. It has both great beat and musical style that is trademark of the legendary Michael Jackson added with the great humorous barrage of lyrical parody of Weird Al. Though there are also a lot of other songs about food out there, none of them seem to awaken the need for a trip to the fridge like this song.
  • Chicken Noodle Soup by Webstar-A little bit different from Weird Al’s tasty parody, Chicken Noodle Soup is a hiphop song about food. It has little to do with the actual chicken noodle soup and more to do with a dance. This upbeat song cannot make you have the sudden urge to find the best food processors in your kitchen and start making your very own noodle for your soup but it does have a very catchy beat and not to mention those sweet dance moves.
  • Vegetables by Beach Boys- Before the arrival of modern pop boy bands, the Beach Boys were the boy band you could really listen to and relax without thinking too much about the meaning behind their songs. With songs like fun fun fun and something about surfing, it wasn’t long before they made a song about every child’s least favorite type of food: vegetables. This is one of those short songs that typically lasts for about two minutes and stays in your head for at least two days. If they’re going to sing about food, why don’t they sing of things children love like cakes? Speaking of which…
  • Birthday Cake by Rihanna- Finally, a song about a kind of food that everybody loves! A little warning though, this song is not as child-friendly as an actual birthday cake. Listening to it would certainly encourage mixed feelings between having the need to eat cake or getting some action. Though this song may not be very applicable for birthday parties, it sure deserves a spot in a list of songs about food that are quite popular.
  • Lollipop by Lil Wayne- Another not so wholesome song based on a food is Lil Wayne’s Lollipop. Obviously, this song is not actually marketed for all the children out there that love the sweet innocent confection that is the lollipop. It is in fact, another hiphop song derived from a not-so subtle innuendo. This though, did not stop it from being very popular among fans of the genre and of Lil Wayne.
  • Milkshake by Kelis- In a list of songs about food, who would ever, in their right mind, forget about Milkshake by Kelis? It is like the national anthem of popular songs based on food. Though obviously, this song is not actually about milkshakes, it is still very catchy and has actually been very popular that if there ever was a survey about songs based on food, the list would have this song and its catchy beats at the top.

Food is an essential element in the life of humans. Though these days they are used more than just for eating, some use them as inspirations for songs.


In the 1970s, heavy metal songs slowly cropped into the music industry. This was as a result of classical music which existed earlier. Have you ever heard of neoclassical metal? It is the submergence of heavy metal music and classical music to form a more technical rhythm that is better than both of them. Some of the hooks cut like a knife – a very sharp sound. (If you’re looking for something that can help with the knives in your kitchen, get the best knife sharpeners you can find.) Since metal rock was started, its main influence has been classical music, in fact people say that heavy metal music is just “heavy classical”. This conclusion is made on the basis of implementation of components of classical music in heavy metal music.

Most of the rules of music theory being followed today were learnt in the Baroque period which was between 1600 and 1750. In this period, musicians such as Bach and Handel composed songs in those times. The rules are not any different in today’s world of music; they include theories on chord progression, note pattern and scales. In fact according to music analysts, these principles have to a great extent assisted in successful growth of different genres.

So how has classical music influenced the development of heavy metal music?

Heavy metal musicians have always copied the bits and pieces of classical music to help them come up with a more unique style after incorporating their knowledge and other techniques. Elvis Presley, the ventures, the toys, the Beatles, Emerson, Neil diamond, Barry Manilow, the Beach Boys, green day and Billy Joel are some of the musicians who have used these techniques. We also have recent and upcoming musicians who have greatly been influenced by classical music; Alicia Keys is just one of them. To get more information on this, visit here.

Below are some of the heavy metal genres that were influenced by the existence of classical music. Apparently, each and every style has its own variation.


It strictly uses thicker and heavier sounds than normal; this is always accompanied by slow tempos. The words being used are also different from the rest as they tend to create a sense of doom and despair.


Here, the use of folk instrument is very crucial. It assists in the fusion of traditional folk music, classic heavy metal.


This technical music performance was started between the years 1970 and 1980. It is overwhelmingly influenced by classical music.


This comes about after mixing classical music with speedy metal, adding an element which is symphonic I most cases, by use of keyboards. It was introduced into the music industry in the 1980s.


In some instances it is referred to as post-thrash because it started in the 1990s from genres such as thrash metal. 

There are still so many genres that have been created as a result of classical music they include; metal core, industrial, Gothic, glam, sludge metal death and speed. Music specialists have noticed that heavy metal musicians only focus on borrowing important aspects of classical music hence making their song unoriginal. It is very easy to notice this small difference even when listening to the songs. Just go to the nearby music store and grab your copies.


Since the dawn of time, band members have been sporting long locks off of their chins. Maybe it’s because they are too busy writing music, or the hands are too shaky to get a clean shave. Whatever the case may be, here is a list of some of the most memorable musician beards in history.

Let’s just get it out of the way first thing. ZZ Top is with no doubt the most famous of the bearded bands. Who could ever forget the two bearded men and those long beards? Ironically, the last name of the only clean face in the group is Beard. Even those who were not into that kind of music still know them as sharp dressed men for their beards.

The Bee Gees brought us one of the sexiest bearded musicians ever. Like his music, Barry Gibbs’ beard was smooth as silk. Obviously he had a sharp beard trimmer and knew exactly how to use it. His brother Maurice Gibb also sported a beard, making this another dual bearded three man band.

The ‘70’s were full of bearded men like Cat Stevens. The music was even more beautiful with the lyrics being sung by a dark eyed bearded man. A bit older and grayer now, Cat is still rockin’ with his full beard and a fantastic head of hair.

Beards and music have no prejudices. You will find facial hair in need of some beard grooming tips across the entire spectrum of music. Country music has many but the most memorable is Kenny Rogers. Kenny has kept a short, well groomed beard for his entire musical career showing that he really does know how to hold ‘em when he’s got something that works and I’m pretty sure he’s using some slick beard balm or something to keep it looking so fine.

George Michael is another musician that comes to mind when thinking about musicians who wear a beard well. Often imitated, but never beaten, George’s continued faith in his beard will never grow old.

Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl has always rocked his shaggy beard with style. With many musical talents including the drums, singer, songwriter and guitar, it’s no wonder Dave has no time to pull out his beard trimmer. The epitome of rugged good looks and great musical talent, Dave Grohl makes it into the musician hall of fame for knowing how to make a beard work.

Dave Grohl rocking the beard.

After Yoko mucked things up, Paul McCartney retaliated with some facial fur. A far cry from the fresh faced boy singing Love Me Do, the new and improved bearded Paul grew some wings without his Beatle friends and still rocked the world over. John Lennon followed suit with a Jesus-like look, which went perfectly with the peace and love he and the wicked one were spinning in those days.

Say what you will, but in some cases, beards just make the music better. Whether down to the belly button, short and to the point, or a statement of your social beliefs, a beard can really make a band.


Ardent gun rights supporter Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy or the public eye. A professional rock-n-roller and National Rifle Association (NRA) board member, he often leaves the niceties aside to comment on the issues of the day in clear, blunt language. That is a good thing. There should be a lot more directness in the political world. Nugent has made his position on the Second Amendment very clear, describing that amendment as his concealed carry permit. You can check out some of his political viewpoints by looking at the video feature below.

He also has said that people should be able to own the weapons and related gear they want. The government, in his opinion, has no place in deciding whether or not a law-abiding citizen should own a hand gun or an assault rifle equipped with the best AR-15 Optics on the market. As he points out, the evidence clearly demonstrates that the more restrictive gun laws are, the higher the crime rate. Obviously, because the only people that are going to obey gun laws are the people who tend to obey laws in general.

Nugent has been quite vocal about his gun rights beliefs during the past decade. He has no qualms about being very public about his enjoyment of hunting, something that has certainly earned him a great deal of public disapproval from animal rights activists and those working towards more restrictive gun control laws. Many on that side of the issue would like to seize all guns and firearms gear, right down to the last few Rifle Scopes like the ones featured in the best reviews at PerfectAim.net on the shelf.

His plainspoken style extends beyond guns, something that has caused controversy to encircle Nugent, reaching right into the NRA boardroom. Sometimes, it seems, Nugent just says exactly what is in his head, no self-editing, no niceties. He’s expounded upon hot-button issues, leading to shrill accusations of racism against him. While there has been the occasional apology, for the most part Nugent remains unrepentant, infuriating those opposed to him and giving rise to whispers in the NRA board room about ousting Nugent.

That probably won’t happen. A group organized around the protection of the Second Amendment would look a bit silly ousting a board member because they didn’t like what that board member did with the First Amendment. Nugent is a powerful and often surprisingly, in light of his more plainer spoken moments, eloquent supporter of gun rights. He reaches a lot of people the rather stodgy NRA can’t and, despite the occasional public uproar, Nugent is still a valuable asset to the organization.


5 Best Pianists of All Time

Superior pianist entertain us and make us envious all at the same time. Some live on forever, some disappear into obscurity. Pianist have the advantage of playing the most translatable instrument; ideal for composing, it’s an easy given that the piano is the chosen instrument for composers. The piano will forever continue to be the most respected conduit for musical creating, and here are five people that mastered their instrument.

1. Emil Gilels.

Emil was an Odessa-born pianist that moved to Moscow in 1935, who, along with Richter, became the leading Soviet pianist of his day.

Emil was one of the first Soviet musicians allowed to concertise in the West. Emil is known for an exceptional mixture of precise tone and an projecting the illusion of making the work seem simple to the listener.

2. Alferd Cortot.

Alfred was a French pianist and professor at the Conservatorie de Paris. Because of his mastery of the lyrical works of Chopin, Schumann, and Debussy, Cortot was named the “poet of the piano.”

Cortot was known for a personal, subjective style that leaned more towards intuition and feeling than precision. Though he is sometimes thought of as the pianist who played a lot of wrong notes, it is at fault of the proclaimed, as Cortot was often at the whim of the piano, and enjoyed in mixing things up a bit. Cortot’s music expels honesty, passion, and freedom – because of these qualities he is one of the most identifiable, individualized practitioners of the art.

3. Glenn Gould.

Despite having a prosperous concert career, Gould eventually left the stage to concentrate on recording his craft. Gould is recognized, opposite of Cortot, as a master of precision, and seemingly never committed the technical error. He is known for his touch, phrasing, and articulation; also, and maybe for what he is most known, is his conceptual, and personal approach to every piece he tackled. He above all other things was up most a creator – and at that, of divine music.

4. Arthur Rubinstein.

Rubinstein was a Polish pianist who left his home of Europe to come to the US after WWI. His skill lies in the way he interpreted Chopin, bringing a glowing tone and an exceptional variety of phrasing. Rubinstein mastered the legato cantabile and tempo rubato. He displayed this in his miraculous pre-war live recorded performance of the Chopin Piano Concertos with Sir John Barbirolli. Rubinstein was also known for heavily researching the piece he was to perform out of respect of the original composer, earning him a reputation of integrity and musical honor.

5. Sergei Rachmaninov

Rachmaninov was a pianist and composer born in Russia. He graduated in the same class as composer Alexander Scriabin. Voted the most popular piece of classical music of all time, the Piano Concerto No. 2 is his creation. Despite being so wildly adored, he had to leave Russia in 1917 to commit to life of a touring pianist, in order to support himself and his family. He became a US citizen shortly before passing away. He’s remembered for an astonishing clean technique, and striking clarity – part, surely in due, to having very large hands.


What is Natural Music?

Enjoy nature's natural music in birdsAny musician will be asked at some stage in the career where they get the inspiration for their music from. When it comes to lyrics, these can be from life experiences or story telling abilities. But when it comes to the actual music, the notes, could this be something that is innate to us and also to the animals, we share the world with?

A report by National Geographic once discussed the similarity in the rhythms and patterns, which can be heard in human music as well as in the song of birds, for example.

Musical Animals

If you want to hear a beautiful bird song from a simple little bird in your own home, go buy yourself a cheap bird cage and get a canary. These little birds have been kept for generations for their musical ability and are a great example of hearing a musical animal.

It has been theorised that not only do animals make music in the sense that humans do, but also that music may be an intuitive concept. In some people, it manifests into an ability to take that innate sense and create something human from it with the addition of lyrics.

The music of animals has also acted as inspiration for those who write songs. One example is the Piano Concerto in G Major, which Mozart rewrote to match the song of his pet Starling.

Musical Ancestors


Even going back to prehistoric times, music was a powerfully important thing to mankind. 57,000 years ago, cave dwelling ancestors of ours create bone flutes to play their music with and spent more time with the creation of these instruments than they did with their hunting tools.

Humans were not the only ones who put a great deal of attention and effort into their music. Humpback whales spend a lot of their time and energy making their music showing that it means more to them than just biological urges. They want their music to be right, to sound perfect. They even use rhythms, phrase lengths and structures of their songs similar to that used in human music. They are the composers of the ocean.


These discoveries have led to a new field called biomusicology, which studies music from a biological point of view. It studies both the origins of music and the evolution of it with humans and animals as well the universal features of music.

While that all sounds rather theoretical, it does have practical uses aside from the urge to buy a canary. It can examine the therapeutic uses of music for both medical and psychological treatments. Anyone who enjoys listening to music will already know its therapeutic value but if this is studied properly, it may be of greater and more targeted use for people with psychological problems and disorders.

Further to this, the subject is expanding into zoomusicology, which examines the same areas in animals instead of humans. This means if you have a troubled animal or bird, you may soon know exactly what type of music to play for them to make them feel better as well as yourself.



The Blood Donors (Band)

I work as a band scout from a managing firm. Basically my job is to find local bands that actually have talent and see if they are good enough to be managed by my firm. My job usually just requires me to see dozens of crappy concerts in hopes that I come across one band that we can make some money off of. I usually don’t dwell in how terrible a band was, but after the show I saw last Saturday, I had to share my awful experience with you guys.

I was planning on having a quiet night in with my girlfriend Stacey. She had to work the day shift at the bank, and I was going to surprise her with a well made dinner, a few of her favorite films, and some very intense massaging. She got home, loved what I had done so far and just as we were about to start in on some of the delicious food, I get a call from my boss Ronnie. He had heard at the last minute about this band called “the Blood Donors” playing a small show at the Red Note here in Seattle. Although I really didn’t want to go, I thought, well it’s still a little early, we could just save the dinner for tomorrow, and have a little night out on the town that would end with us going to the Red Note to see the Blood Donors.

We went to get some food at our favorite Mexican restaurant call El Torero (the Mexican food generally sucks in Seattle, this is the one exception). After some food and a few margaritas, we decided to head to the Red Note and get settled in before the show. I grabbed us a few beers, and this was going to top off the nice night we had, right?


The show started off with a small college band called “the Gulch Twinks.” Ridiculous name I thought, but their music wasn’t too bad. It was actually stuff I prefer to listen to in my own time when I’m not forced to see a bunch of lousy shows. It was a nice mix of acoustic, indie rock, even a little reggae. It was right up my alley.

I thought since the Gulch Twinks were pretty good, the main band the Blood Donors must be really good. This was just not the case at all. I mean, I’ve been to some sorry shows, but this took the cake. Sure enough, they came out dressed in doctor’s white coats, with blood splattered on them? How cheesy?

Their music was a mix of heavy metal and smooth jazz. My first thought was whoever managed this show was a joke. Usually you put two bands together that mesh, not two polar opposite music genres. They continued to play for 3 straight hours. My job requires that I stay the entire time so I can get an “accurate assessment.” Well, for the first time in my career, I made up my mind about 30 seconds into the first song.


All in all, I wouldn’t recommend the Blood Donors.



Regardless of whether you’re an author, a blogger, a screen writer or musician you know exactly how hard it can be to sit down every day and become inspired. As a singer/song writer the question I get asked the most is “how do you come up with your songs”? Most people think I wake up late, have a little coffee, maybe read the paper and then BAM I’m suddenly struck with musical genius. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ve written songs for some of the biggest artists in the world, in fact I make more writing songs then I do playing my own. It’s just the way the music industry works, often times musicians are song writers first and singers/guitarist/drum player etc. second. It’s no different then any other career, you have to find a way to pay the bills first. 

So, when I’m commissioned to write a love song for Miley Cyrus (no I’ve never actually written a love song for Ms. Cyrus) I don’t have time to allow inspiration to strike whenever it feels like it. It’s a labor each and every single time. I sit there and I grunt my way through an eight hour day of trying to piece together a song which is supposedly relating to some artist that has commissioned me to write that particular song. 

So how do I do it? 

I get up every morning at the same time and I grind. I grind on mornings I don’t feel like grinding on, I treat it like a job. I wake up and brush my teeth with my wife and drink coffee with her before she goes to work. When she leaves I sit down and begin writing. I’m old fashioned I still use a notepad and I used a military tactical pen that I received as a gift years ago. That’s my routine, if I can’t find my pen or my notepad or if didn’t get up because I was up late watching stupid crap on youtube I’m destined for a brutal day. Getting good at anything involves being comfortable with boredom. Trust me, every job you’ve ever wished you had probably is boring for a huge percentage of. Boring is not hatred, you can learn to love the process even if the process is a little boring. Sitting in front of that pad every morning trying to awkwardly produce something that may one day top the charts isn’t this sexy, exciting process. It’s quite the opposite. 

 Where most artists (including musicians) fail is learning to fall in love with the process. You can’t get good at anything without learning to love the boredom that will eventually come along and present itself one day.  Nirvana didn’t wake up one day and suddenly become Nirvana. They were shitty (don’t believe me check out the video below) and they practiced and they worked at it and most importantly they fell in love with the boredom that was learning to play an instrument. 


The 60’s and 70’s were exceptional musical times. Free spirited motorcycle rides would take long road trips all around North America and Europe (just remember not to get TOO much into these years…you’ll want to make sure you’re searching for reviews like at Helmet Advisor head protection for a real helmet, unlike they wore then!). Some of the most popular songs related to motorcycle riding are listed and overviewed below.

born_to_be_wildBrian Wilson and Mike Love wrote ‘Little Honda’ in 1964 for The Beach Boys. It was released in their album ‘All Summer Long’. It was also covered by The Hondells and Jan & Dean in 1965, as well as Yo La Tengo. The song is in essence a tribute to the small Honda motorcycle, particularly the Honda Super Cub, praising its effortless operation. The ‘Little Honda’ got only the 65th place on the US billboards, however it became very popular internationally reaching the 1st place in Sweden and the 8th place in Norway, as well as the 15th place in Canadian billboards.

The absolute motorcycle, yet a love song is Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to run’. The song was included in his third album and gave it its name. It was written in New Jersey in 1974. Although Bruce Springsteen was widely recognized among music cycles, he had not gained commercial success yet. This song was his final attempt. It is written in first person, as a love letter to a girl by a hot-rod rider who is passionate about her though lacks patience.

Another classic motorcycle song is AC/DC’s ‘Highway to hell’. It was released in 1979 originally as a single. It was written by Bon Scott, Malcolm Young and Angus Young. The song is about the life on the road, the strenuous nature of continuous touring. It has won worldwide recognition and has gained numerous awards and honors.

‘Bat out of hell’ is the second album of Meat Loaf for the creation of which he collaborated for the first time with the composer Jim Steiman. The homonymous song was Meat Loaf’s first big hit. It was released in 1977. The song is a tale of an ultimate motorcycle crash. Steinman wanted to include real motorcycle sounds in the song; however Todd Rundgren, the producer of the album, had a different opinion. He imitated motorcycle sounds with his guitar and led it straight to a breath taking solo, something that gained him much recognition among his collaborators.

A song that would not escape such a list, as it is the ultimate riding song that became a symbol – and surely a cliché – of those times is ‘Born to be wild’. The song was written by Mars Bonfire and performed by Steppenwolf. It was recorded in 1967 (remember, be sure to get proper head protection – have a look at a review of the Shoei RF-1200 as a first place to start)and was initially released in 1968. Since then it has been included in numerous compilations and soundtracks. The song gained worldwide acclaim when it was included in the soundtrack of the film ‘Easy rider’ released in 1969. This was the first movie in which ‘Born to be wild’ was used; countless more followed. The song made it to the 129th place of the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of all time in 2004.


labrynthband.com pictureWhen it comes to personal expression, artists often use their appearance to make a statement. Musicians, especially, like to use their makeup, clothing and hairstyles to show their individuality and create a brand around their name. With that said, some musicians have used their great hair to draw interest while others have sported famous hairdos that are actually hair-don’ts.

Celine Dion

Dion, the Candian songstress who belted her way through hits like My Heart Will Go On and Because You Loved Me, has long been known for her long, beautiful locks. Usually rocking a honey-blond shade, Celine shocked her fans by cutting it all off into a pixie cut many found highly unflattering. The waif-thin Dion, who has maintained a low weight for decades, looked positively ill with her signature tresses gone. She wisely grew back her mane and now sports a healthy, voluminous head of hair once more, much to her fans’ relief.

Lady Gaga

As herself, Stefani Germanotta is a natural brunette with a deep, rich tone and shiny gloss. When she takes on the role of her stage presence, Lady Gaga rocks a blonde so platinum and shrill it can be seen from the very back row of the sold-out venues she performs in. The styles, ranging from bizarre pigtails to enormous beehives, have to be seen to be believed. While fans have come to expect the blonde, it is a widely-held belief that she is stunning while showing her natural hair as well. Perhaps as she ages she will give up channeling Blonde Ambition and perform only as herself.

Reba McIntyre

Reba, as she is knownto her devout fans, has long been known for her outrageous, impressive hair. She has sported curls, no doubt as a result from using specialized styling tools like these to achieve those looks. Falling to her waist at some points in her career and fire-engine red, her curly hair makes her instantly recognizable. She has only changed the length and some slight variations around her face since her rise to fame in the eighties. Sometime during the 1990s, however, she revealed in an interview that she had long since begun to wear wigs, as the time it takes to style her mane is best done when it isn’t sitting on her head.

Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses

The frontman for the hard rock group went through several stages of hair. In the late 80s and early 90s, he had a long, thick mane of dishwater-blond that made the ladies swoon. Then he graduated to an unkempt psuedo-mullet after the band split. Nowadays, Axl is rocking a bizarre set of greasy cornrows and is obviously suffering from oily hair issues. One can only hope he will come to his senses and regain some of his previous sex appeal through better grooming.


Between the 1960s and 1970s is the time when hard rock and heavy metal joined the world of music. The thick bass produced by the powerful electric guitars was the best and attracted so many music lovers. Indeed there was no doubt that the then metal bands had their own unique way of delivering quality music. It can only be compared to a tsunami wave as it swept almost everyone across the globe.

Although it takes time and a lot of practice to properly sharpen your ability and mastery of the legendary guitars and drums, in the 1980s, the best bands gave it all. This prompted analysts to come up with the list of the few metal bands that extra ordinarily played their music. You can check out on the internet.

So, what are the top 5 metal bands in the 1980s?

To date the below mentioned metal bands have been in the books of history for doing what they knew best – playing music.


Given birth in Los Angeles California, in 1981, this metal band became one of the most influential bands in the world. They majored on giving their listeners quality music other than quantity and that is why even after 30 years of their existence in the music industry; they only released about 9 studio albums and 4 live albums. This however, did not hinder the people from buying their albums. They recorded a staggering 100 million sale of their music albums, this was a record set. They were since known for their aggressiveness and fast tempos not forgetting perfect coordination amongst the band members. Recently, in 2009, they went down yet again in the book of history by being voted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

Green day 

In 1987, this American metal rock music band was started and became popular almost immediately. It was mainly associated with reviving and making famous the punk rock in the United States of America. Since the band was formed, it has successfully sold over seventy million copies of its album. In addition, it has also been nominated and won five times in the Grammy awards. This is not a mere achievement, because we had even older bands that never reached this level. All along, led by the vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, the loud and outstanding green day band never disappointed their followers.

Guns N Roses

Initially in the early 1980s, the entire world and mostly California, was saturated in the dance and pop music which was dominantly produced by one of the king of pop music the late Michael Jackson. Guns and roses shook the world with a new style and way of music by producing several heavy metal songs that were very refreshing and new in the music industry. As opposed to the other know metal bands that only lasted for few years, guns and roses exist up to date. In 2012, it was formally put among those in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Comprising of vocalist axl rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan and drummer Steve Adler guns n’ roses was formed in the 1985 and has since then sold more than 28 million copies of their released albums.

Kiss band

Formed in the 1970s and dominated all through to the ‘80s, the kiss band had extra ordinary live shows that by then were not compared to any other. To date, the rock band continues to sell and record more concerts all over the world. They currently have sold up to 28 gold albums, a record that very few American bands have broken.

Led Zeppelin

Started in 1968, led zeppelin, an English band have since record nine studio albums which have all been among the top ten list of the US Billboard album chart, back in those days, this was not a mere achievement. Since the band lost one of its members – john Bonham, in 1980, it has never wished to continue and was therefore disbanded. However, the band is still very popular today with people all over the world buying their albums.

Are you a hard rock fanatic? Then you definitely have albums of the above listed metal bands; if not, then you are missing out on the best songs and live concerts in the history of hard rock music. To get more of this, click here