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Between the 1960s and 1970s is the time when hard rock and heavy metal joined the world of music. The thick bass produced by the powerful electric guitars was the best and attracted so many music lovers. Indeed there was no doubt that the then metal bands had their own unique way of delivering quality music. It can only be compared to a tsunami wave as it swept almost everyone across the globe.

Although it takes time and a lot of practice to properly sharpen your ability and mastery of the legendary guitars and drums, in the 1980s, the best bands gave it all. This prompted analysts to come up with the list of the few metal bands that extra ordinarily played their music. You can check out on the internet.

So, what are the top 5 metal bands in the 1980s?

To date the below mentioned metal bands have been in the books of history for doing what they knew best – playing music.


Given birth in Los Angeles California, in 1981, this metal band became one of the most influential bands in the world. They majored on giving their listeners quality music other than quantity and that is why even after 30 years of their existence in the music industry; they only released about 9 studio albums and 4 live albums. This however, did not hinder the people from buying their albums. They recorded a staggering 100 million sale of their music albums, this was a record set. They were since known for their aggressiveness and fast tempos not forgetting perfect coordination amongst the band members. Recently, in 2009, they went down yet again in the book of history by being voted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

Green day 

In 1987, this American metal rock music band was started and became popular almost immediately. It was mainly associated with reviving and making famous the punk rock in the United States of America. Since the band was formed, it has successfully sold over seventy million copies of its album. In addition, it has also been nominated and won five times in the Grammy awards. This is not a mere achievement, because we had even older bands that never reached this level. All along, led by the vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, the loud and outstanding green day band never disappointed their followers.

Guns N Roses

Initially in the early 1980s, the entire world and mostly California, was saturated in the dance and pop music which was dominantly produced by one of the king of pop music the late Michael Jackson. Guns and roses shook the world with a new style and way of music by producing several heavy metal songs that were very refreshing and new in the music industry. As opposed to the other know metal bands that only lasted for few years, guns and roses exist up to date. In 2012, it was formally put among those in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Comprising of vocalist axl rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan and drummer Steve Adler guns n’ roses was formed in the 1985 and has since then sold more than 28 million copies of their released albums.

Kiss band

Formed in the 1970s and dominated all through to the ‘80s, the kiss band had extra ordinary live shows that by then were not compared to any other. To date, the rock band continues to sell and record more concerts all over the world. They currently have sold up to 28 gold albums, a record that very few American bands have broken.

Led Zeppelin

Started in 1968, led zeppelin, an English band have since record nine studio albums which have all been among the top ten list of the US Billboard album chart, back in those days, this was not a mere achievement. Since the band lost one of its members – john Bonham, in 1980, it has never wished to continue and was therefore disbanded. However, the band is still very popular today with people all over the world buying their albums.

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Every success has to always be backed by something or someone persistent. This has not turned out to be different even in the music industry especially the world of jazz music. Since its golden years in the 60s and 70s, jazz has progressively dominated and more than half of the people in the world today listen to it.



So, what has contributed to all this success? Is it the good the good musicians? Definitely yes! These talented musicians, who played jazz music to the world those days, gave it their all. Although most of them have since passed on, the impact they had on the jazz music will always live on and their music is being listened to up to date. This is not by coincidence, the vocal styles used and the instrumental tactics was amazingly well coordinated. If you have not listened to jazz music, then you have no idea of what you are missing. For more information, visit this site.

Below are just some of the few musicians who made a big hit and produced songs that will never be forgotten by lovers of jazz music.

Billie Holiday

Having passed on in the 1959 Billie holiday still remains to one of the most popular jazz musicians of all time. Her songs still live on and are loved by every generation setting in. she will be remember as the female vocalist who helped shape the jazz genre. Referred to as “lady day”, Billie holidays songs were very influential not only to the listeners but also to other jazz musicians. Some of her songs that are very popular include; good morning heartache, lady sings the blues and the strange fruit.


John Coltrane

It is believed that without the existence of musician john Coltrane, jazz would not be what it is today. He was an excellent composer, who led a band recording more than 40 sessions and also played sax for fellow jazz musicians like Thelonius Monk and miles Davies. Apart from being recognized as a hard bop jazz singer, john Coltrane is also known as a producer of free jazz. Giant steps, a love supreme and my favorite things are some of his most loved albums.

Miles Davis

Passing on in 1991, Davis left a very big gap in jazz music industry. To most of his fans, jazz would not be where it is today if not for Davis miles. Indeed his passion and love for jazz music was evident from the trumpet playing, and the way he composed the songs. Above all Davis was a bandleader and those under him could not imagine jazz without his presence. Miles popular albums included; kind of blue, in a silent way, bitches Brew, and Tutu.

Charlie Parker

Popularly known as “yard bird,” Charlie parker passed on in the 1955 leaving behind a very legendary tradition. He is believed to have sparked the enormous crowd and current fans of jazz music due to his way of singing and playing the instruments. He always majored on the alto and tenor sax. Most of the songs he produced were considered as the standard jazz songs. This was to mean that they were always at par with the requirement of jazz music production.

Oscar Peterson

Dying recently, in 2007, Oscar Peterson was truly a talented jazz pianist. His efforts were regularly recognized as he won seven Grammy awards. This is truly not a mere achievement. Night train is one of the many albums produced by him.

We have so many other legends that made a significant impact on the development of jazz. For more of this, click here.


In the 1970s, heavy metal songs slowly cropped into the music industry. This was as a result of classical music which existed earlier. Have you ever heard of neoclassical metal? It is the submergence of heavy metal music and classical music to form a more technical rhythm that is better than both of them. Since metal rock was started, its main influence has been classical music, in fact people say that heavy metal music is just “heavy classical”. This conclusion is made on the basis of implementation of components of classical music in heavy metal music.

Most of the rules of music theory being followed today were learnt in the Baroque period which was between 1600 and 1750. In this period, musicians such as Bach and Handel composed songs in those times. The rules are not any different in today’s world of music; they include theories on chord progression, note pattern and scales. In fact according to music analysts, these principles have to a great extent assisted in successful growth of different genres.

So how has classical music influenced the development of heavy metal music?

Heavy metal musicians have always copied the bits and pieces of classical music to help them come up with a more unique style after incorporating their knowledge and other techniques. Elvis Presley, the ventures, the toys, the Beatles, Emerson, Neil diamond, Barry Manilow, the Beach Boys, green day and Billy Joel are some of the musicians who have used these techniques. We also have recent and upcoming musicians who have greatly been influenced by classical music; Alicia Keys is just one of them. To get more information on this, visit here.

Below are some of the heavy metal genres that were influenced by the existence of classical music. Apparently, each and every style has its own variation.


It strictly uses thicker and heavier sounds than normal; this is always accompanied by slow tempos. The words being used are also different from the rest as they tend to create a sense of doom and despair.


Here, the use of folk instrument is very crucial. It assists in the fusion of traditional folk music, classic heavy metal.


This technical music performance was started between the years 1970 and 1980. It is overwhelmingly influenced by classical music.


This comes about after mixing classical music with speedy metal, adding an element which is symphonic I most cases, by use of keyboards. It was introduced into the music industry in the 1980s.


In some instances it is referred to as post-thrash because it started in the 1990s from genres such as thrash metal. 

There are still so many genres that have been created as a result of classical music they include; metal core, industrial, Gothic, glam, sludge metal death and speed. For more information, click here Music specialists have noticed that heavy metal musicians only focus on borrowing important aspects of classical music hence making their song unoriginal. It is very easy to notice this small difference even when listening to the songs. Just go to the nearby music store and grab your copies.